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Build Community & Grow Together


The Connect program’s ultimate goal is to provide long term mentoring by passing on key life skills. This is carried out through four (4) stages of development: Come, Connect, Grow, and Lead. Students come and participate in fun community events and meet our volunteer and staff mentors. We then connect with students in smaller groups with our clusters (which are like clubs) and our Thursday Mentor Night events. We have an intentional matching plan to connect mentors with students in order to help them grow and enter into a 6-week plan. Finally, students are given an opportunity to become next-generation leaders in their own communities by entering into our leadership development certification course.

Benefits of program: Connect improves character, keeps students busy and learning, teaches life skills such as cooking, finance, and job preparedness. Connect offers creative art and self-care activities for health and wellness. Connect creates a community for all teens who may be suffering from social-emotional trauma or stress. Connect can also function as an after school option.


A six-week plan that is designated to assist students in learning how to create/ achieve short and long term goals; to develop character.

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Fun, safe, memory making events
designed to connect with our mentors.

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Raising up next-generation leaders to make a positive contribution to their communities.


If you have any further questions about our Mentor Program, feel free to contact us!