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The On-Point program primarily takes place on school campuses that we serve. On-Point utilizes restorative practices that develop character, leadership, and social-emotional skills to improve the students holistically. Through quality mentorship and a creative curriculum, On-Point provides a safe/brave space for meaningful conversations, facilitated in groups, one-on-ones, and in-class support. Sessions include, but are not limited to: engaging discussions, quick activities, journaling, and wellness check-ins. 


Positively improves student behavior
* Decreases student suspension, absenteeism, and truancy
* Mentoring/Guidance
* Social-Emotional Support
* Self-Discovery
* Create Measurable Goals
* Positive Decision Making
* Leadership Development
* Character/Confidence Building
* Improves Academic Engagement
* Campus Climate and Culture

If you have any further questions about our On-Point Program, feel free to contact us!

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