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Reconnect & Engage Students Quickly


RES’Q is a hybrid student recovery program. It focuses on aggressive outreach to reconnect students on their academic journey. We employ several outreach strategies to assist students to succeed in their academics and in life. Mentors outreach and build rapport with students to earn their trust and ensure their academic progress. With declining enrollment nationally and with distance learning models becoming more prevalent, we believe RES’Q is an essential program that would assist districts to provide quality education and services to their students and families.

Benefits of program: RES’Q increases graduation rates and decreases dropout. It increases attendance and decreases absenteeism and truancy. RES’Q increases ADA, student productivity, and supports distance learning models. RES’Q provides academic mentoring and connective and navigation services.

If you have any further questions about our Res'Q Program, feel free to contact us!

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