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Academically intervened on behalf of thousands of struggling students.

Advocated for and diverted at-promise youth through alternative sentencing.

Visited and mentored those who are in carceral care.

Located and given housing for transitional and system-impacted youth and young adults.

Supported teen parents who have financial, emotional, and occupational needs.

Offered crisis care to those who experienced violent and tragic loss in our youth community.

Mentored fatherless youth and facilitated their healing with caring adults.

Created safe places for teens to belong, find healthy relationships, and process their trauma.

Mentored thousands of Latinx, African American, and LGBTQ+ students.

Given financial resources for the most marginalized and vulnerable populations.

Helped teens recover from addictions to alcohol or other substances.

Worked with all levels of the education system to address disruptions and prevent violence.

Diverted school discipline procedure to reduce expulsion and suspension, and to strengthen academic performance.

Strengthened at-promise youth’s relations with their parents through three-way mentoring.

Partnered with local businesses to improve transitional-aged youths access to job opportunities.

Prepare those reentering society with vocational readiness support through training programs and mentoring.

Offer care to foster youth.

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