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City of Pomona Household Universal Grants (HUG) Pilot Program

Program Overview

This program will randomly select 600 eligible applicants through a lottery system. These participants will be divided into two groups:

  • Paid Group: 250 applicants will receive $500 each month for 18 months.

  • Control Group: 350 applicants will receive a $20 stipend each month for 18 months.


All participants, regardless of group, will be invited to take part in surveys conducted by UCLA, with a $50 bonus for each completed survey.


Selected participants from both groups will also have access to free benefits counseling and resource navigation services. Additional resources, including financial coaching, parenting skills, and career counseling, will be available through Los Angeles County.

Just Us 4 Youth (JU4Y) is proud to partner with the Pomona HUG Program, providing in-person application support, benefits counseling, and resource navigation. JU4Y aims to make a positive impact on communities through innovative and holistic mentoring for urban youth.



Stay informed with our comprehensive schedule outlining all the crucial dates and milestones for the Pomona HUG Program. From application opening to payment initiation, track your progress and ensure you don’t miss any important steps.

To be approved for the Pomona HUG Program, applicants must meet specific residency, age, and qualifying criteria. Ensure you meet these requirements and provide the necessary documentation to verify your eligibility.t

Ensure you have all necessary documentation to verify your eligibility for the Pomona HUG Program. Check the list of the required documents you will need to provide during your application process.

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