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Provide a Restorative Training Program for Educators

and Those Who Serve At-Promise Youth


Agencies that Benefit from GROW Trainings: Educators, Youth Organizations, Faith-based Partners, Parents, and Community members

Benefits of program: Trainees will receive holistic, restorative training with an urban emphasis. Our training provides participants with the core competencies for educating and mentoring youth. With a wide scope of offerings, partners can select a training track that will meet the particular needs of their agency

Top 10 trainings:

- Creating a restorative (classroom) culture
- How to facilitate and implement restorative circles (in the classroom)

- A deep dive on restorative discipline
- The 3 C’s | Staying compassionate, consistent, and creative
- The Urban Reality | trauma-informed mentoring (educating)

- Empowering leadership in at-promise students

- Cultivating transparency and vulnerability

- Building meaningful relationships with youth

- Mentoring (educating) during a crisis

- Mentoring (educating) gang-affiliated youth

If you have any further questions about our Grow Program, feel free to contact us!