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Estefania M.

Estefania M.

Pomona High Junior | Mentor: Deanna M.

Estefania has been a part of JU4Y since 8th grade (Ines Vasquez was her mentor) when she was attending Emerson. Since being a part of our program she has expressed these words “I was going through many personal struggles- I have a medical condition which causes me to have ovarian cysts” and she has not been able to heal from it. Some days she deals with extreme pain in her body especially her legs and it's difficult for her to walk. She continues to say that she also suffers from anxiety. She has missed a lot of school due to being in and out of the hospital, but has finally caught up on all of her work and is getting good grades. This semester she made it to honor roll. She said “there are times when I wake up and I don’t even want to go to school but something inside me says I don’t know...just keep going and push yourself.” Estefania has since landed her first job at Sonic Drive In, she has learned to face her fears of interacting with customers and learning people skills.” She also gives credit to Just Us 4 Youth for always supporting her and “checking-in”. She now has a positive outlook, feels motivated and happy because of our program. Her dreams are to go to Chaffey College so she can pursue a job as an EMT, then further her career and education as a children’s physician.


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